We've taken part in more than 200 successful projects both as QA managers and engineers.

Normally we do not disclose any project artifacts as well as the fact of our cooperation itself because of our strict privacy policy. However, you can contact us (without any obligations or strings attached), and we'll ask our clients for permission to show you reports and demos from some existing projects relevant to yours.

We also provide what we call "outsourced software testing on-the-go". This allows you to save your time by getting verified data on errors occurred when product interacting with customers.

To receive such a service you should use a bug-tracking module, e.g. BugTrap or EurekaLog. After your integration into the application you should synchronize it with TestLab² servers. This enables us to receive application error reports, recheck found errors, resolve them, and provide you with the information obtained in an efficient form.

We will be happy to establish you a demo-account in our system to show how we are going to document and test your product and how you will receive the test results.