Windows Applications Testing

Windows is a long standing leader among OS’s. Many its versions have been released since its appearance on the market, so there’s significant number of users working with previous and even older Windows versions.

Actual user versions of Windows (significantly present on the OS market) are:

  • Windows XP ×32
  • Windows XP ×64
  • Windows Vista ×32
  • Windows Vista ×64
  • Windows 7 ×32
  • Windows 7 ×64
  • Windows 8 ×32
  • Windows 8 ×64

For testing Windows applications TestLab² uses both hardware platforms with all the Windows versions and virtual platforms based on proprietary technologies by VMWare and open-source technology VirtualBox by Sun. Combining these two approaches enables us to adjust test-stations infrastructure effectively and flexibly to the needs of our clients.

When testing we also use a suite of specialized software in order to monitor system and network interface conditions and to control application performance. In case of complicately reproducible error emergence we can give a developers team a remote access in order to debug the application right there on a test workstation.

All the TestLab² engineers have extensive experience (at least 4 years) in testing Windows applications, profound knowledge of this OS’s architecture, and deep understanding of its interaction with various software.