Software testing is multifaceted, and for each project one must use individual approach. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify major areas of testing, and you can definitely rely on us to complete it.

Functional testing

The clients who order functional testing services in the first place want to be sure in their projects' ability to cope with tasks required by users.

This testing type is quite necessary for any project for it gives the information on whether all the functions and interaction with user are performed in line with the functional requirements to the product.

If you haven't got any formal requirements before beginning of the process, we (with your help of course) can create the documentation required.

Configurational testing

This area of testing provides one with the information whether a product interacts adequately with various environments, OS's, hardware, system applications, browsers, and screen resolutions. All projects run on various platforms and runtime environments need configurational testing. It is passing through all the tests needed, that assures a producer in his project performing adequately for every user.We also suggest configurational testing for the projects aimed at integrating closely with customer's systems.

And, obviously, configurational testing is wanted by web-projects of any kind.

We currently have over 20 (for July 1, 2010) different combinations of hardware platforms (Intel, AMD, Via, NVidia), operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, MacOS Leopard and Tiger in the supply) and system utilities.

Because of such modular approach, we can quickly collect the desired configuration for your test and able to recreate any required environment within 1 or 2 business days.

Load testing

Besides functional and configuration, we are also prepared to perform Load Testing. This will allow you to be confident in the scalability and reliability of your application under conditions of high load. Load testing is designated for more complex, client-server systems, such as accounting, data collection, etc. Online-service sites also need to be load-tested in case they are meant for intensive client flow. There's even a special term, the slashdot effect, which means an effect, which occurs when a popular site links to a smaller site causing a massive increase in traffic.

We can either use your existing tools or create our own test scripts/applications for testing.

Apart from functional, configuration, and load testing, TestLab² team is ready to perform usability testing.

Website and services testing

The peculiarity of web-project organisation allows to mark out two additional groups of tests, such as front-end testing and back-end testing, besides standard testing types.

  • Front-end testing involves checking whether a website looks and works properly in various browsers and on various platforms. Our browser-kit includes everything - from Internet Explorer to the latest Google Chrome beta-versions. The process also involves checking JavaScript code compatibility with various browsers, both functional and performance testing.
  • Back-end testing is necessary for complex projects; it allows you to make sure that an application architecture is scalable and adequate.

Mobile applications testing

TestLab² currently offers testing services for mobile applications designed for Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone OS.

In order to provide you with the most efficient service, we are creating the environment to perform functional and configurational tests for mobile applications of any possible kind and compatible with the majority of platforms existing. In case we do not have a device required, we'll find and employ it to fulfill the requirements of your project (contact us for details).