Functional Testing Automation

It is now a common fact that reliable application can’t be built without continuous testing and other quality assurance measures. However, constant routine of identical application check-ups on medium or long term basis proves to be rather ineffective in terms of engineers’ working hours and project’s going-public time-frame. In such cases we strongly recommend automating functional testing.

TestLab² team shall choose the most efficient means of automation for you product depending on its platform and its realization peculiarities. We offer you our extensive experience of using both commercial and free/open source software for testing automation, and, constantly monitoring novelties appearing on the market, we guarantee the best choice of automation tools.

We are skilful in using such well-known and popular testing automation tools as Selenium (the entire product family), HP Quality Center, TestComplete and Rational Robot.

After selecting a suitable platform we are to choose the usage scenarios, which should be automated. In such cases engineers are to chose those scanerios, which demand much handwork and at the same time are favorable for errors occuring because of human factor. Another strenghth of automation is the availability of checking large amounts of input data and, simultaneously, monitoring the reaction of the system being tested. Having selected the scenarios, we formalize them with maximal precision and then properly develop functional testing automation with a help of the tool chosen in advance.

Having debugged and verified all the automated tests, we help a team of developers to intorduce them into the existing technical process in a proper way, to connect them with the tools used by a team and to customize the reporting suitably. Since this very moment any run of such testsuite shall increase positive economic effect of automation implementation. On you demand we can run the entire automated infrastructure on our facilities or help you to run it on yours.