Functional Testing

When a software product is being built, the key role in this process belongs to the requirements to this product. Depending on the methodology being used, the requirement documentation can be more or less detailed, but, in any case, it should contain answers to the following questions:

  • Which problem is solved by the product?
  • How the problem in question is solved by the product?

And it is this documentation that becomes basic for testing. When performing functional testing of your product or online service we, in the first place, shall identify the product’s business mission clearly, the idea it bears.

We create testing scenarios based upon your requirements and specifications and then particularly check whether product realization corresponds to its initial idea and whether the product fulfills stated functions correctly.

Functional tests are the fundamentals for the whole complex of measures taken to ensure software quality; they enable one to get valid information on product’s status and quality of its realization.

Usually this process is accompanied by finding interface design flaws (basic use-cases and actual interface mismatches) and various minor flaws, such as typos, incorrect/incomprehensible messages about incorrect data input/output).