Web Applications Testing

Current online-services and SaaS products significantly differ from the sites created some two years ago. Multitude of new solutions, transfer of some initially server operations to client side using JavaScript, gradual turn from universal relational databases to specialized NoSQL storages – all these factors raise the online-service quality requirements to the unprecedented level, as such service’s demurrage can cost both owners and clients too much.

Also, usually, for developing up-to-date online-project some ready made frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Django, CodeIgniter) and ready made content management systems (CMS, like WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Magento, or Bitrix) are used. The wide range of ecommerce platforms we tested is worth mentioning separately: Magento, Enfinity, Demandware etc. However, using ready made components for developing an application doesn’t meant that some errors wouldn’t emerge in an initially stable core of the product being updated and finalized. Our engineers have great experience in both manual and automated testing various web-applications using all the modern application development techniques.

Web-application testing can be divided into the groups as follows:

  1. Checking that the markup is done correctly and the site is displayed in a proper way across all the desktop browsers and platforms. Currently, browsers actual for testing are:
    • Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Apple Safari (MacOS and Windows versions)
    • Google Chrome
    • Opera
  2. Checking layout on mobile devices. No matter does a website have a special mobile layout or no, it should be properly displayed on a customer's smartphone. We strongly recommend testing a website on at least Android, iPhone, iPad as they have a significant market share and our laboratory has all needed technical resources to perform such tests. Please check our "Technology" section for details.
  3. Functional web-service testing, which is equal to testing any other application.
  4. Web-service load testing in order to define liminal quantity of users working simultaneously.
  5. Security checking in order to find soft spots and strengthen them before the site goes public.

When ordering TestLab² testing services, you can be sure that our team shall show the most attentive and professional attitude to your product, and the last shall be able to go public within desirable timeframe.