Load Testing

The majority of modern applications, especially those on-line, are oriented to mass usage, imply joint or simultaneous work of many users, thus in such cases the need for testing system’s efficiency under pressure, or, in other words, the need for load testing emerges.

Depending on application architecture we choose the means and tools, consult the customer, and with his or her help determine necessary level of performance and liminal quantities of users working with an application simultaneously. On the basis of this data we model simultaneous work of the user quantity needed and monitor the quality and the service operating speed under such load.

Load testing is rightfully thought to be one of the most difficult, in technical terms, software testing types; it requires engineers’ and testers’ being well-trained and experienced in coding. TestLab² is proud of its engineers having commercial work experience in load testing of various applications – both multi-tier client-server ones and online services.

After having your application tested under load you’ll be aware of its bottlenecks, define its horizontal scalability capacity under conditions of user quantity increase and get detailed recommendations concerning possible improvements of its performance.

Application performance and responsiveness are highly appreciated on market nowadays, and up-to-date technologies, which are becoming more and more difficult to use, are aimed at maximal increase in software performance. It is only thoughtful and professional load testing that can provide you with certainty of your product’s due behavior under the conditions of increasing user quantity.